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"Heavy Rock from Elder Times" is the first self-produced demo from the hard rock band SKUNK, of Oakland, Ca.

"Post-proto-metal bellbottom abusers from the deepest corners of Oakland, CA, Skunk is what happens if you raise your kids on Grand Funk 8-tracks and weed smoke." - Classic Rock Magazine (#212)

"Lots of 70s inspired riff loving worship going on. If you dig Zeppelin, Sabbath, AC/DC but with a Stoner groove then time to light up your best BONG with SKUNK" - Outlaws of the Sun blog

"Heavy Rock From Elder Times by SKUNK is just the kind of 70’s-influenced, heavy, acid rock sound we are on the watch for here at Doomed & Stoned." - Doomed & Stoned

"...their fuzz and classic swagger is sold well over the course of the demo’s six tracks, which are as unabashedly stoner in their riffs as they are in titles like “Black Hash,” “Devil Weed” and “Wizard Bong.” - The Obelisk

"Soaked in the classic seventies rock sound, this Hard/Heavy Rock band from Oakland, CA delivers the goods." - Heavy Planet

"NEAR PERFECTION !!! And it's only a demo. This is the obscure seventies heavy acid rock sound I am looking for. Sounds like orangutan meets dust meets leafhound,throw in some Jerusalem for good measure.This is for the "primitive man"! - Paul Rote

"the new demo from SKUNK throws its cards onto the table with a grin and a bang of the head. Classic-sounding riffs...very nicely produced for something the band has branded as a demo, with enough grit left in to make the heavy rock feel even more genuine with its dirty attitude. " - Ride With The Devil blog


released May 11, 2015

John McKelvy - Vocals
Dmitri Mavra - Guitar
Erik Pearson - Guitar
Matt Knoth - Bass
Jordan Ruyle - Drums

Music and lyrics by Dmitri Mavra, © 2015.
Recorded March 7–8, 2015 at SKUNK's Inner Sanctum.
Additional mastering by Michael Graves, Osiris Studio



all rights reserved


SKUNK Oakland, California

Mix the early eras of Zeppelin, Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Grand Funk Railroad. Add a healthy sprinkle of resinous dust from obscure bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Cactus, Pentagram, Leaf Hound, and Captain Beyond. Roll mixture in over-sized papers and smoke...can you smell the SKUNK?
Hard Rock from Oakland, California.
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Track Name: Forest Nymph
In a forest glen,
sunlight streaming through the branches
I heard a woman laughing,
and thought I'd take my chances
her golden hair was shinning
as she frolicked in a stream
I had to rub my eyes again,
just in case it was a dream

Now, I've never been,
to the dark side of the moon
never smoked atop
a giant magic shroom
never been down a rabbit hole,
as far as I can tell
but when I first saw you,
I was enchanted by your spell

Pretty forest lady,
why won't you come with me
when I looked again,
there was nothing there to see
my desire’s burning,
like a deadly thirst
now I see that your magic spell,
ain’t nothing but a curse
Track Name: Black Hash
A flicker in the darkness, a little flash of light,
dark clouds rising, right before my eyes,
as the smoke surrounds me, hanging in the air
Black Hash is gonna, wipe away my cares

Black Hash baby, bring on the night
when we get together gonna feel, 
gonna feel alright

Just gonna sit back, gotta close my eyes,
Black Hash goes to my head and twists my mind,
flying through the darkness, hear the engine scream,
not sure if this real, or if it’s a dream

Got the windows open, the wind in my hair,
don't know where I'm going, and I don't really care,
I hear the music echo, through my memory,
Black Hash and rock 'n' roll, gonna set me free
Track Name: Devil Weed
When you see a long lost friend,
it's like you never left again.
devil weed, devil weed

Fiends aren't always meant to last.
sometimes they're best left in the past.
devil weed, devil weed

where can you run where can you hide,
nowhere to turn, now that you've lied,
where can you run where can you hide,
there's no escape, I don't even try,
you never say goodbye

Some friends you wish you never met,
because they're so hard to forget,
devil weed, devil weed

One friend you can never leave,
is the friend they call devil weed,
devil weed, devil weed
Track Name: Wizard Bong
To cast the ancient spell from an ancient time,
only can be done in the proper state of mind,
First the wizard sings the old forbidden song,
then inhales smoke from the wizard bong,
to waken from the sleep they call reality,
to wander astral planes for all eternity,
Track Name: Throw Down Your Cards (Gypsy Woman)
Throw down your cards, gypsy woman
tell me what you can see
no lies just tell me what's a-comin
what does the future bring
I know she's never gonna come back
now that it's been so long
throw down your cards gypsy woman
and tell me I am wrong

You can see everything
and I know that you say what you mean
when you say that she's never coming back
I don't understand why you gotta laugh

Throw down your cards, gypsy woman
many gold coins I'll pay
will yesterday's pain ever go away?
will the sorrow inside be my destiny?
Throw down your cards, gypsy woman
and tell me what you see
Track Name: Badwater
You're gonna run, then you're gonna run away,
You're gonna hide, then your gonna hideaway
You're gonna fight, but you're loosin’ anyway

Badwater, you're gonna get it,
badwater, you won't forget it,
badwater, won't cure your thirst
badwater, gonna make it worse

It's getting late, I know you're gonna hesitate,
Don't too wait long, if you do I might be gone,
If you runaway, then I'll find your hideaway