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    are on Doubleblind, but they're different recordings)

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Forest Nymph 04:26
In a forest glen, Sunlight streaming through the branches, I heard a woman laughing, And I thought I'd take my chances, Her golden hair was shining, As she frolicked in a stream, I had to rub my eyes again,  Just in case it was a dream Well I've never been,  To the dark side of the moon, Never smoked atop, Of a giant magic shroom, Never been down a rabbit hole,  Just as far as I can tell, But baby when I first saw you,  I was enchanted by your spell Pretty forest lady,  Why won't you come with me, When I looked again,  There was nothing there to see, My desire’s burning,  Just like a deadly thirst, Now I see your magic spell, Ain’t nothing but a curse Nothing but a curse Nothing but a curse
Doubleblind 04:21
The truth is something we can never know, But still we always try We always think it's hidden deep, Down in each other's minds, It's a game we've played many times before, Guessin’ what each other feels, We're doubleblind and we can't find, How to know what's real Doubleblind.... I tell you and you tell me, We're gonna make things change, But when you don't know what's goin’ down, It can get a little strange, C’mon baby, you know it's true, Our lives are doubleblind, Doin’ double time and lookin’ real fine, Can't get you outta my mind, Lookin' back I can see it now, It was foolish for us to try, But I ain't lyin’ it was fun just tryin’, Even though it was a waste of time, Time is the only thing we had to waste, Still we didn't cross that line, So many things we didn't understand, We were living in a doubleblind 
Mountain child, living off the land, and I don’t know why, Mountain child, won’t you give me your hand, I gotta make you mine, Mountain child, got the sun on your face, live amongst the trees, You know I wanna give you all of my love, but you just do as you please,  Yeah you do as you please, pretty mama, yeah you do as you please, Underneath a summer moon, yeah yeah yeah Mountain love is always true yeah yeah yeah Mountain, oh mountain child  Mountain, she’s a mountain child Mountain child runnin' free, like a mountain stream, Even though my love is real, you’re living in a dream, Mountain child got the wind in your hair, the burning stars above, You look at me with a vacant stare, nature is your only love, But it used to be me pretty mama, yeah it used to be me, Underneath the summer moon, yeah yeah yeah Mountain love is always true, yeah yeah yeah Mountain, oh mountain child Mountain, she’s a mountain child
Watchin' her royal garden grow, I Gotta bow down and let her know, Way up on the mountain, Garden grows so high, Like it's gonna kiss the sky, And blow your mind, They call her the queen if you know what I mean, She got my fingers all sticky and green, Weed mountain is where she's seen, She's the Harvest Queen Dancin' in the light of a moon beam, Livin life in a blue dream, Golden hair in a sea of green, Ain't no woman like you ever seen, A queen like that is all you need, To set you free, She ain't gonna give you no love  That's something she don't need, And she's never gonna go to seed, She's the Harvest Queen,
Wizard Bong 06:39
To cast the ancient spell from an ancient time, Only can be done in the proper state of mind, First the wizard sings the old forbidden song, Then inhales smoke from the wizard bong, To waken from the sleep they call reality, And wander astral planes for all eternity
Black Hash 04:44
Flicker in the darkness, a little flash of light, Dark clouds arising right before my eyes, As the smoke surrounds me, hangin' in the air, Black Hash is gonna wipe away my cares, Black Hash baby gonna bring on the night, When we get together gonna be,  It's gonna be alright Just gonna sit back, I gotta close my eyes,  Black hash it goes to my head and twists my mind, Flying through the darkness I hear the engine scream, Not sure if this real or if it’s a dream Got the windows open and the wind in my hair, I don't know where I'm goin', and I don't really care, I hear the music echo through my memory, Black hash and rock n roll is gonna set me free 
Devil Weed 03:58
When you see a long lost friend, It's like you never left again. Devil weed.... Friends aren't always meant to last, Sometimes they're best left in the past, Devil weed... Where can you run where can you hide, Nowhere to turn, now that you've lied, Where can you run where can you hide, There's no escape, don't even try,  (not I don't even try) You never say goodbye Some friends you wish you never met, Because they're so hard to forget, Devil weed... One friend you can never leave, Is the friend they call the devil weed,
Day after day you always say, You’re not like the rest and you’re not to blame, One thing’s for sure you made it quite clear, You will survive even though you’re never here, Always, waiting, waiting, Waitin round on you Waiting, waiting, Is all I ever do, wait on you, making me late  You always say you’re not to blame, But the look in your eyes well it reveals your game, And the look on your face like you don’t really care, About anyone, anything, or anywhere, Waiting is somethin' that we all gotta do, From time to time man now you know that it’s true, Waitin' on you is causin' me pain, But your love never comes and I think it’s gonna drive me insane


Hard Rock from Oakland, California.

"Post-proto-metal bellbottom abusers from the deepest corners of Oakland, CA, Skunk is what happens if you raise your kids on Grand Funk 8-tracks and weed smoke." - Classic Rock Magazine (#212)

"Doubleblind is an album that delivers on all levels with Skunk serving up, over the course of eight gloriously addictive songs, wave upon wave of crunching proto-metal riffage pushed into overdrive by big booming bass lines and powerful solid percussion." - Desert PsychList


released April 20, 2017

John McKelvy: vocals
Dmitri Mavra: Guitar
Erik Pearson: Guitar
Matt Knoth: Bass
Jordan Ruyle: Drums

Recording Engineers: Chris McGrew, Dmitri Mavra
Mastering: Myles Boisen, Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland CA.
Tambourine on Harvest Queen: Richard Stuverud
Music/Lyrics/Art: Dmitri Mavra
©2017 Dmitri Mavra
Fuzzy Mind Records (FM0001)


all rights reserved



SKUNK Oakland, California

Mix the early eras of Zeppelin, Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Grand Funk Railroad. Add a healthy sprinkle of resinous dust from obscure bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Cactus, Pentagram, Leaf Hound, and Captain Beyond. Roll mixture in over-sized papers and smoke...can you smell the SKUNK?
Hard Rock from Oakland, California.
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